How to make anti-aging sugar body scrub

Sugar scrub is very easy to make and it is an effective way to exfoliate. Sugar scrubs remove impurities from the skin and clear the pores from clogging up. Homemade sugar scrub can be used as part of your beauty regimen. Using sugar scrub is the easiest way to exfoliate,soften and freshen up.As well as soften the skin,sugar scrubs also prevent the skin from dryness,it is safe to use on any skin type and children can also benefit from it’s usage.

Homemade sugar scrub can reverse early signs of aging and removes damaged and dead cells from the skin, it cures and also prevent skin blemishes, acne,blackheads and whiteheads.

Homemade sugar scrub soften tough skin and it is particularly good for dark elbows,kneel and ankles as the sugar lighten dark skin areas, it is very good for cracked heels and calloused.

Sugar scrubs are all natural and free from harmful chemicals or preservatives. Homemade sugar scrubs complete your beauty regimen and without you spending a lot.

To use sugar scrub on your feet you need to soak your feet to soften ready for exfoliation.It is advisable to soak for at least 2 minutes before using the sugar scrub. Rub the scrub all over your feet using a scrub brush or your fingers. Rub in the sugar scrub in a circular motion all over your feet. Spend about a minute on each feet,return to your feet to water and rinse off the sugar scrub . Dry with clean towels and finish off your pedicure,apply your homemade body butter all over your feet.

To use on your face, rub your sugar scrub in a circular motion avoiding your eyes and nostrils.Leave the scrubs on your face for 1 minute before washing off for with warm water.

In my sugar scrub,I used marigolds and lavender due to their healing properties and benefits to skin ,however,you can use any safe dried flowers or leaves .Moringa leaves are safe and very beneficial to the skin. I also used almond sweet oil,but, coconut oil,olive oil or any oil of your choice will do just fine.

Here’s how I made mine. This recipe makes 250g jar


Caster sugar 150g

Brown sugar 50g

Lavender flower (dried) 15g

Marigold (dried) 15g

Lavender essential oil 10 drops

Sweet almond oil 120ml

Glycerine 1 tablespoon

Jar 250 g

Mix the dry lavender,marigolds and sugars in a bowl. Add drops of essential oil. Pour the oil over and stir until well mixed. More oil can be added until you get the texture you want.

Pour your sugar scrub into a sterilised jar and seal with lid.

The sugar scrubs (if kept in an air tight container) will keep up to a year.

This is a great gift idea for someone special.

Why not try making one,please contact me if you need help or have any question.