TechCrunch Hackathon Reveals The Power Of Hashgraph: Fast, Usable & Decentralized Apps Created In…
Hashgraph Team

Swirls Hashgraph is an interesting new technology software application that will revolutionize the way money digital transformation transactions will go global. It uses an entirely different data structure than blockchains to achieve consensus, and it is a generational leap ahead of user friendly Microsoft Ethereum, IBM Watson or Bitcoin. This is the new innovated replacement of the blockchains as we now understand their snail like processes, to a supersonic transport jet speed, and with the new EmDrive technology being explored by NASA, traveling at the speed of light, possibilities are endless. Wow! It is so exciting to be on the cusp of a new discovery of, speed and trust banking, opening doors for all classes of people, since the origins of the dynasty of the Borgia’s and Medici’s banking.

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