Stop Saying “Not My President”
Elliot Nichols

A few (self) conflicting thoughts…

  • I think there’s some validity to “not my president” when he had help from Russia and the CIA and lost the popular vote; also, for me as a woman, I believe misogyny was a major factor.
  • I don’t think whether one uses that phrase (or not) has to determine how active someone is otherwise / in addition. In fact, all of the people I know who use it are being very active — they’re the ones who care.
  • Cheetohead has a very thin skin and is very vengeful; the more that a group uses that term against him, the more I can see him retaliating.

Truthfully, there aren’t any good answers with this guy. He’s power crazed and f-ing insane, and the people he supposedly represents are barely a blip on his radar.

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