The Nasty Woman Rises
Ginger Murray

A thousand yeses, thanks! Hillary had my heart and my vote. Bernie was very interesting, but at the end of the day he isn’t known for compromise and I just wasn’t sure that he could get much done as president. Hillary may be pedantic and pragmatic, but she makes things happen. Her record speaks clearly. She doesn’t make big moves, but moves us in the right direction (for most things, at any rate) at a speed most Americans can live with.

Bernie was most definitely a major factor in her loss, and I for one am tired of hearing how the DNC conspired against him. The man was not in fact a Democrat and it’s rather ludicrous to think that they’d welcome him with open arms after all those years (yes, I get that there are issues with a two-party system and the DNC should be slapped around some). But those who go on weepingly about how he was railroaded and how much momentum he had at the end are ignoring the fact that, once Hillary had the primary locked up, she moved on from campaigning to be the Democratic candidate to planning her presidential campaign. It’s the same strategy Obama used — don’t waste your campaign dollars. Beyond that, those who griped about his lack of press coverage clearly weren’t reading the same pubs as me. I felt like the press was loving the underdog, while Hillary’s press was mostly about emails, Benghazi and her one over-priced jacket.

All of this said, I don’t think it was just Bernie that beat Hillary — nor was it the decades of Republican skewing and lies, the Russians, or the poor, ignored farmers and coal miners. People being too damned lazy to do their due diligence didn’t help, either. Perhaps the biggest factor, and one that doesn’t get a whole lot of discussion, is the role of misogyny. I yelled about it non-stop, and a lot of people just looked at me like I was crazy, but the fact is that there were still plenty of times where Hillary was damned if she did and damned if she didn’t. By sticking with Bill, she was “supporting” his womanizing ways — but imagine if she’d been divorced. She couldn’t play “warm, loving grandma” lest she appear too weak, nor could she go into full attack mode lest she be seen as a bitch like all other women at the top.

Yes, Bernie was a deciding factor, but one of several. Personally, I knew the election was hosed when a room of men I know, all of them married to feminists and supporters of feminism, couldn’t see how misogyny was involved. One of the few good things to come out of this election is that it’s opened the eyes of a lot of young women who’d originally crossed feminism off their checklist.

Anyway, thanks again for saying what too many of us have been bullied into silence about.

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