If you had to, which part of your body could you live without?

Ah, I remember all of those “existential” questions like they were yesterday! I went with lopping one side and reducing the other, but then my genes are theoretically fine. There’s no right or wrong answer, just what’s right for you. Whatever you do, don’t try to second guess your decision later, there’s just no point.

I definitely agree with your decision to go the man-made route, though, versus dragging a chunk of fat from elsewhere in your body. They totally glossed over the ramifications of that with me (I knew it would be another big scar, but it’s also substantially weaker abs, much less feeling across half my stomach, little bits of fat that “don’t survive the move” and have to be cut out…). I thought it would seem more natural, but I don’t know that that’s the case.

The nipple thing? Unless they’ve made substantial improvements in the process since my surgery (4+ years ago), my docs all suggested skipping it. Supposedly it has a high failure rate (so, more surgery later) and it doesn’t have any feeling anyway so purely cosmetic. There are other cosmetic options, as I imagine you’ve heard.

Did they discuss the option of doing radiation before surgery? That’s what I had…

As for recovery, I’m not gonna lie — the first week was hard. (Of course they also rearranged my guts at the same time, so…) But then it got easier pretty quickly. I’m betting that since you’re younger than most, you will recover quickly, as well. Next thing you know, this too will just be a memory.

I’ll be thinking of you and rooting you on!

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