I’m working on an essay that expounds on this.
Patricia Naomi

Aww, thank you Patricia! Meeting people like you was definitely a bonus of this whole debacle that will continue to reap rewards. I would like the time back that this person took, and I wish she hadn’t triggered some people unnecessarily, but other than that, no regrets. I’d do it again in a heartbeat because — who knows a person’s reality?!

Your idea of a bigger essay on the topic is a great idea. My suggestions for going forward would be that when we (or our friends here on Medium) start investing time and concern on a particular situation, we a) Google the recipient to see if we can find out anything, and b) private message others if we start to have concerns about the validity of the claims. Seems like quite a few of us had our radars light up this time, but we all ignored them; we need to trust ourselves more!

But overall, Patricia — you are right: the world could use more kindness. We’ll just keep on doing what we can. ❤

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