Thank you!
walkerjo lee

Don’t all relatives drive us crazy? :-)

I’m coming back to this. Again. And again. This really is f-ing brilliant, Walker. Tremaine L. Loadholt undoubtedly knows these women better than I, but I’ve been in the South long enough to recognize their authenticity.

You write about their absence in Southern history. You comment that you don’t really have a longer piece planned, but you could fill that absence and I can’t imagine anyone doing them more justice. Your understanding, your ambivalence, your undying love and your eloquence are amazing. BHD asked you about publishing; you really need to, Walker — at least make the attempt. It’s not the easiest process, but this is as good as anything out there and I’d happily pay for the privilege of owning a copy.

Thanks again. I’m sure I’ll read it a few more times.

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