Lol, Sherry.
Jason Stelzner 🌹🍁

Fortunately my dad was more about Super 8 films (which we’ve conveniently lost the ability to show) and my grandpa was more into slides than photos, so we don’t have as much pictorial documentation as some families. But yeah — weird angles, feathered haircuts, my mom’s wig, my brother’s huge and bright-red (natural!) afro, and somehow my darker red always showed up a dull brown in the Kodachrome days. Then there was the time that my brother saw fit to cut my bangs completely off, which was apparently especially photo-worthy. Also weird plaids, bell bottoms, boots, vests and beads… Some things are best left in the past! My brother is a conservative CFO with closely shorn hair these days, so I love to torture him with certain pics.

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