Sherry Kappel , I thought your poem was wonderful wordplay and a great way to get some of the…
Ré Harris

Hi , I took a relatively light-hearted approach but I am no less angry, frustrated, demoralized…and it seems from my Feed that there are probably more than a dozen of us feeling that way right now. And sadly? There was a similar case this summer where I responded, as well. In that case, several people with trauma experience called her out on it. In this case, it seems that several of us were starting to get suspicious, but unfortunately none of us felt comfortable questioning it. In the future, I will private message a few people and hopefully others will do the same. Jennifer, as it turned out, left a pretty sloppy trail across the Internet for anyone to see with just a little research.

Really, though, the lesson for me is that there is no lesson: I don’t want to give her the power to make me distrusting or less supportive the next time someone reaches out for help. That’s just not who I want to be, even if it means that I get duped on occasion. Sounds like it’s not who you want to be, either.

I don’t know that that is the answer for everyone, though. I am especially pissed about everyone who was triggered by her lies, and who worked through their responses in order to try and help her. Sometimes people need to let others respond to these situations and protect themselves (even in honest cases). There are no right or wrong answers…I know who I choose to be, but I wouldn’t judge anyone else for choosing differently.

It’s a sad night, it will be a better tomorrow. Take care of yourself! ❤

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