How is Melania Trump’s New York Post Cover Okay?
Ezinne Ukoha

I am not a fan of Melania. The fact that she could marry someone so repugnant for the sake of money. That she continues to lie about her education. And stole her speech from Michelle and then let a staffer take the blame. These items are all newsworthy and relevant to her qualifications to serve as first lady (although I find that whole role problematic), and speak to his character as a presidential candidate.

As for the naked pic? I’m torn…

Of course it’s cheap and crass, anything for a dime. Is it fair to her to dredge up an ancient photo and publish under a very different pretext? Of course not. On the other hand, Europeans have a much more open view of nudity and I doubt she has a huge issue with it. I highly doubt that he has an issue with it, either; it’s part of why he married her and his ego is far too big to think it will matter now. Given that she was 25 when it was taken, she should have been able to guess that it might resurface at some point. He had to know that it would resurface, because that’s the gauntlet we put our candidates and their families through, and that’s the way our media rolls (right or wrong…but then, I think what it’s done to Hillary is far worse).

Chances are, he’s actually proud of the picture; it’s not like he values the more important aspects of women (or people, for that matter). Chances are, she is too; she doesn’t appear to have used her riches to cultivate her intellect or feed the hungry or much else toward personal or greater good. Feminism is so far from this couple’s agenda that I don’t know that this photo, at this moment in time, matters — or that they get how wrong this moment is. But they may be laughing all the way to the White House, and then we’ll be the ones left crying. And the moral compass will be completely shattered.

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