I feel threatened by Christianity
Reverie Lynn Kim

I had a crazy aunt who told me I was going to burn in hell at the age of four. Fortunately I already knew she was a little crazy and my mom chewed her out so that set the tone early on.

I define as agnostic / atheist. I do believe that there is probably a superior being or beings out there; whether they’re paying any attention to humans I don’t know. Specific religions are humans’ flawed attempt to a) interpret the universe and b) control the masses. Was Jesus the son of God? Perhaps; hard to say from here.

What I find more important than the doors you walk through on a Sunday morning, is how you live your life each and every day and how you treat those around you. To me, a superior being will care more about the good in your heart than a bunch of pomp and idolatry. And Jesus had a lot of really good things to say; does he need to be divinely sanctified for us to appreciate his wisdom?

My best advice would be to go help serve at a soup kitchen, do a walk for cancer and save the whales. That is where you will find your God. And don’t fret the details.

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