Tough choices for your eldest, Sherry.
Jason Stelzner 🌹🍁

I have a t-shirt that reads, “Liberal arts graduate — will think for food.” Of course that didn’t stop me from a masters in it and then some. Depending on how deeply in debt one has to go for their education, though, a liberal arts grad might never dig their way out! My daughter likes in a wide range of topics, so who knows where she’ll finally land…she’s also a voracious reader so she’s getting an education on her own time, too (mama bragging alert: I posted a Jackson Katz quote on FB and she started going on about him, impressing a number of my friends!).

I thought I had her talked into the community college thing, but then her friends started getting all excited. They’re so ready to try their wings by 17 or 18…or at least they think they are. ;-)

We were very fortunate to chunk some of my inheritance into a 529 that did extremely well, even through the recession, and pretty much the only good thing our NC legislature has ever done is fund our state universities well. I’m making both girls pay for a bit of their college because it’s good for them to know the value of a dollar, but at least they won’t start taking on much debt till grad school; hopefully they’ll get some funding then. But I feel for most kids — especially those in other states. If I’d stayed in IL like my sister did, community college would have been mandatory!

I totally agree with you on socializing any type of higher education across the board, especially now that it’s required for most jobs. No kids with the brain and desire should be held back by money; it’s not as if our country doesn’t recoup that money eventually.

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