Gail Boenning

I need a thousand hearts for this article! I fell in love with these majestic beasts way back in college, and have been a fan ever since (my house is filled with bison art, much to the bemusement of most visitors). Little known fact? They’re not technically “buffalo” at all — they’re formally bison and from the bison family (so really, “bison bison”) whereas their distant Asian cousins are true buffalo.

If you really want to enjoy them en masse, go on down to Yellowstone in their only original habitat left in the US, where you can see thousands of them roaming free and with few or no humans to be seen. Just don’t get too close, they may be massive but they can outrun us by a lot! You also used to be able to “adopt” them from The Nature Conservancy herd (I “had” three)…not sure if that’s still an option.