(113) I Disagree.
Classical Sass

I really don’t get this issue people have with difference. I mean, I’m totally on board with your “differences as people” vs. “differences in how we treat people.” But other than that, it’s new ways of seeing the world, new ways of doing things, finding out that some of my universal “givens” are a pile of shit (which is rather important to learn early on in life), and some seriously good food. Ethiopian food, for example — that’s just outrageously awesome! And if you don’t like Ethiopian food? You’re probably a little cra cra but that’s okay because, more for me. Point being that it’s all right if you don’t like someone’s food, you can just not eat it without thinking that people who do are all inferior.

Because that’s where it’s really at for me. A person can embrace difference or not — hey, their loss if they don’t — but they don’t get to think that anyone who’s different is somehow bad, or that the first person is somehow better. They’re just…different.

Of course there’s some derivative shit that follows, such as, it’s okay if I lie to you or say bad things about you, because: I’m better than you. That world view is really the only line I draw in the sand vs. others, or which makes my red hairs stand up on end. All the rest I can live with.

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