Building Up Versus Tearing Down
Gail Boenning

I wonder what your creative outlets were before you realized just how creative you are! During the two decades between graduate school and my kids getting big, I worked hard on my garden, painting our rooms in unusual ways, writing notes for lunch boxes…I imagine that creativity always works itself out in some way or another, or we starve mentally and emotionally.

As for hidden messages, they’re everywhere! If there was no other lesson learned by the college kids to whom I taught composition, it had to be that one. They were shocked, delighted, and appalled once they opened their eyes. That’s why I’m always amused when people say they don’t want to be political: one might not be talking about formal politics or parties, but everything we say (or not) expresses some form of political stance — humans are social creatures.

By the way, I love, love, love these musings of yours. It’s always fun to get to know the person behind the fiction, and you are lovely.

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