I have considered going to a chiropractor.
Irene Brooks

Irene, I understand your situation all too well. My mom was 6' tall and struggled with her weight from early childhood on, so she also avoided doctors whenever possible. I remember once after she managed to lose 80 pounds, the first thing a doctor told her was that she was at least 50 pounds overweight. Of course she didn’t go back to him! But some are much better than others, and more understanding.

I dare say chiropractors are nicer people on a whole, based on my limited experience. Maybe it’s because so much of the healthcare profession has looked down on them — who knows. Or maybe I’ve just been lucky! Note that frequency also varies tremendously, typically requiring more visits at first and then hopefully easing. In any case it’s worth a shot, if you’re in pain. No one deserves to live with that, and you’re clearly a kind and caring person. I wish you the best.

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