Is It Easier to Live With

Sand storm image from Max Max: Fury Road

Is the truth to you
Do you find it
Elusive, ephemeral as
A cresting wave
Of opaque ocean and
Stinging, glancing sand
Do you adamantly disavow
The face in the glass?

When winter winds whip
Do you light a pale flame
To chase cold whispers
Echoing through the caverns
Of a barren heart
Stretch tenuous tendons
In surrender to the sun or
Do you blame the heavens that
Lash at your immortal soul?

Are your bones brittle
With the sins and misgivings
Of self hate or
Do you flagellate
Save and preserve yourself
Against the errors and arrogance
Of the faceless others
Who dare to breathe
The air that chokes you

That chokes us all.