We’re just visitors still even though we’ve been here for years and years.
Yes you are!
Amber Lisa

It’s a tough place to break through, isn’t it? I think even my native-born husband is a visitor because his parents came from up North.

They are a strange mix, these Southerners I know. They will on the one hand do anything and everything for everyone they know — black, white, green or purple and regardless of background or preferences. Then they’ll turn around and post, like a very kind woman I know did today, about how neo-Nazis are just good ole’ boys who mean no harm. I felt compelled to remind her that Dylann Roof was a neo-Nazi who killed nine innocents in a church. Chances are she will respond sympathetically. I don’t really know what to do with that.

Anyway, yes — I will happily write an article, although it may be a week given travel. And I look forward to others’ posts!

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