I turned down radiotherapy

It’s always interesting to hear the differences from one facility and treatment plan to the next. For example, I had four blue dots, only one radiotherapist in the room, and six weeks of radiation. Six weeks leaves you with some actual burn wounds (nah, not buying that “healing” pigmentation thing :-) but it was still pretty painless. Also, they did my radiation in-between mastectomy and reconstruction to avoid any issues with the re-build.

But on to much more important things…does this mean you’re done? Yay!!! Believe it or not, this whole thing will soon seem like a small blip in your memory. You should be proud of making it through and also for documenting the ordeal here for others down the road. If you’re like me, friends will ask you to be a resource for their other friends who get diagnosed in the years to come, and your articles will be a big help as you forget the details (because seriously, you will). I know I read a bunch online as I went through treatment and it was great to get that first-hand perspective.

Congratulations and welcome to the survivors club!!!