Why does everything in my life have to be associated with one form or another of pain.
Jennifer Marie Gady

Jennifer, STOP. You are NOT bankrupt. You got through your own hearing, now you get through his hearing, and then…upward. It is undeniably tough and I feel for you, but you can do this.

I spent most of this week wondering if I had cancer. Again. Which would probably mean that it was the same cancer returned someplace else, which…yup, really bad. I finally got to talk to the oncologist yesterday, and he thinks it’s highly unlikely. Not definite, but highly unlikely. The death sentence was commuted — again. And just like that, the black tar that was weighing down my thoughts and clogging my every cell was…gone.

That will be you on Monday. No matter what happens to him, you have to let it out for you. Slowly but surely, you’re shedding yourself of the tar that is holding you down. Testify, and then take a long walk. Breathe deep. Read a book. Then write a story where you are the heroine. Because you are.

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