Just…Hold Me

Photo by Rosendahl at http://www.public-domain-image.com/

I am weary, hold my head please
Don’t worry, for just this once
Whether I am black or white any shade of brown
All I ask is, hold my head please
Let me rest upon your lap

I am weary, please embrace me
My pain is not less because I am
A Muslim, a Jew, Christian Buddhist or atheist
Please just let me feel your warmth,
Your humanity

I am weary, I need you to see me
Me, not how I’m dressed, the face god gave me
Not where I sleep
Nor who I cannot help but love
Please — just see me, I am bleeding

My weariness is all consuming
I need you
I need you to
Please. Just hold me.
And I will hold you too.

For the inimitable Tremaine L. Loadholt, thank you for goading me. I wish these were happier times.