I Need A Break From The Oppression Olympics
Marley K.

Lots of yeses! I pretty much agree with everything you said and I spent December trying to slow down and rethink it all, but I’m not nearly so good at prioritizing as you. And, I don’t think reading and writing less improved my mental health at all. The fuckery just keeps going on, it is all around us, and I can’t not see it. That said, race, gender, and preference issues (which of course tie into a lot of the others) always bubble to the top. Will any one of us make a difference? Doubtful, but I always think of Horton Hears a Who: Tons of Whos shouted and no one could hear them, till the last little Who’s voice put them over the top and everything changed. Hey, a girl can hope, right?

I’m so sorry this government shutdown thing is hitting you hard. I am hoping that Mueller strikes soon and all of the fallout from the shutdown (along with changes in the House) will cause enough politicians to press Yes on cheetohead impeachment.

Sending positive energy to my sis! ❤