Why are all the white dolls sitting together on the Target shelf?
Melissa Giraud

Love this, and love your daughter’s letter; petition signed! Of course these things are critical to making black kids (and kids of all colors) feel like equal — and loved — members of society. My white daughters first wanted blond, blue-eyed dolls that looked like them, just as your daughters want dolls to look like them, and then my daughters wanted a variety of shades to match their wide range of friends. So, even if your geographic area were all white, it wouldn’t necessarily mean there was no market. Plus, if American Girl dolls can come in all colors, obviously they’re selling and Target is just being stupid.

Side note to JK_Seattle: I’m sorry your mama must have dropped you on your head a few times, but stop being a bully and leave this great mom alone. Thirty percent of this country are people of color and deserve the same rights as anyone else, so just crawl back into your miserable, racist little hole. Don’t bother replying, I won’t waste my time with you.

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