Trump’s America, Day 1
SF Ali

Mad props, cheerleader guy! You aren’t going Anywhere: Medium needs you…we need you…America needs you!

You and I — Muslims, women, blacks, Indians, Latinx, gays, straights and in-between, transgender, old folks, millennials, babies, rappers, crooners, all kinds of Asians, Jews, Syrians, meat packers, bus drivers, white collar workers, pot smokers, wheat farmers, grape growers, black boys with toy guns, doctors, the mentally ill, physically challenged, hijab wearers, yarmulke lovers, evangelicals, Aleutians, Hawaiians and Maine-landers, immigrants, refugees, poor huddled masses, grizzlies, bison, law-loving policemen, and yes white men — this great-big, messy f-ing mass of humanity, this, WE are what Make America Great! There’s no Again, we never left! Want to make it Greater? Invite a few more in!

(See, you’re not the only cheerleader out there…consider yourself cheered, friend! ;-D)

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