Two Beers and an Untold Number of Cookies
caroline beaulieu

Nice! Unlike you, I So love to cook. I took over shopping and cooking for my birth family when I was only half grown, and I’m still doing it 40-some years later. I spend hours just on the grocery list! I cook multiple courses! I borrow from every nationality! I’m not happy till every pan is dirty! (Or so my clean-up crew would tell you…) Baking is orgasmic!

And then sometimes I don’t. Fortunately, my husband and teens are all competent. Sometimes we shove the ingredients back in the fridge and go out. And sometimes we pass around the half gallon of ice cream. It all works out. Once in awhile I also help my husband clean the house.

The important thing is, we’re happy. We’re full. And we’re flexible. Peace out.