I see… So it’s a “trigger word” for you… Therefore you get to… No.

Oh, my dear Mini (Maxi? Other?) Me, I’m so sorry you’re hurting. That PTSD is a nasty, evil, sneaky thing. :-(

I don’t know the Rev. well enough to understand his motivation. Perhaps he thinks it’s tough love, perhaps he doesn’t understand the difference between “blunt” (his bio) and “cruel,” perhaps he’s been monumentally stood up on this Day of Love.

Whatever the case, don’t let his problem be yours. When I am feeling strong, I am happy to take on others’ idiosyncrasies and — well — meanness. When I’m struggling, I have to know when to let those people go. Sometimes they’re struggling too, but maybe we weren’t meant to struggle together. Just shake your head and move on past, don’t even read the follow-up. Pick and choose your battles. And know that I’m here for you. ❤