Thank you for this. This helps explain it a bit.
Charlotte Franklin

Oh my Gosh, ladies, I’m with Cyborg on this one; y’all are hurting my heart! Who the hell ever said that sexy is all about looks — some trite magazine whose revenue is based on visuals? I’ve dated some seriously hot men in my time, and they were boring as crap! Do you want to be like Kim Kardashian, gorgeous but vapid and self-centered? I sure as hell don’t. Being conventionally hot takes more time and effort than it’s generally worth!

Sexy to me is kind, open minded, smart, funny, generous, flawless grammar…looks are great if the rest of the package is there, but hang around someone for awhile. Eventually anyone who has those more important qualities will start to look pretty damn good; and anyone with just a face will start to look pretty damn bad.

Think about all of the greatest couples you know. My grandmother kept her hair in a tight, neat bun, had an ordinary build and didn’t own a speck of makeup or high heels, but was amazing at everything she did. My grandparents were so in love till the day they died that the rest of us felt kind of like an intrusion. I have a friend who’s probably close to 300 pounds but is one of the most engaged and engaging people I know; she has lived very happily with the same man for the past two decades. I’ve gained 30 pounds and a shitload of cancer scars during my 24 years of marriage, but it doesn’t seem to bother my husband in the slightest!

Yes, it’s true that if you had flowing blond locks and big boobs you would turn more heads and maybe get better customer service. That’s really a teeny, tiny portion of the population, for a narrow range of years (and then those boobs fall — I know). What you can do is take ownership of those other traits: cultivate them, really appreciate them, and be confident that you are an amazing human being. And that, my friends, is what’s really sexy as hell.

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