Lol White culture maybe too faulty, but they are oh so predictable if you’re not entrenched in it.
Marley K.

Oh trust me, I don’t cower at all anymore — my whole family last night was like, “Oooh, she’s talking to Uncle K, we’d best stay out of the kitchen!”

I was hoping against hope for Hillary and I am an eternal optimist, but it really didn’t seem possible to have a black man as president and then a woman, too. And no, there will be no blue wave. :-(

Here is what really annoys me though. There are a lot of people like my brother who is not as bad as I probably made him sound — he actually self-defines as socially progressive and would never vote for Trump — but they’re just so F-ing clueless. He (my brother) says he knows that these GOP dudes are evil, but then he’ll blindly accept some of their decisions like Kavanaugh. He doesn’t bother to find out half the details, even though he knows the country is seriously divided. These people in the middle are almost worse than the people on the right! They are the difference makers and they’re too damn lazy to do their job as citizens.

Well enough about me. I may be a nobody, but I do have your back.