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Ohmigod, between the health care practitioners, granola eaters and chatty media, our panties are in such a wad and it’s a miracle that any child turns out okay, isn’t it? I did the breastfeeding thing just fine, but I had this whole plan around natural childbirth. Only my eldest decided to break her water early. Two months early. Breech. Before any baby showers, before childbirth classes, before I could paint the heads on Peter Rabbit and friends in her little nursery. So we skipped right over epidurals and episiotomies and went straight to a C-section. In a way, it was a little freeing — I knew that motherhood wasn’t going to go according to plan before I ever saw her little face. (Although I was a little conflicted that it took six months before I had the energy to give the rabbits heads.) Anyway, I loved your article and I bet most young moms can relate!

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