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walkerjo lee

“Pieces of peace” — well done, Walker! I MISS YOU!!! Seriously, my only real regret (besides maybe indirectly helping her to trigger my friends) was that I could have spent my time catching up on your stuff! Otherwise, I can’t really say as I have regrets or anything to forgive — because I’d do it all over again if I thought someone had the need. I have to admit I did enjoy writing a vengeful little poem, though. :-D

But — I really do miss you! Every day I wake up and think, do I have time for a Walker day today? My preference is to “binge read” because I get more out of it (and the author probably gets more out of my comments) but with the election, job hunting and Christmas (plus yeah, this wench) I’ve gotten way too far behind. I’m gonna have to change my strategy once I catch up.

Generally speaking, I need to rethink the way I use Medium. It’s obviously important to add one’s voice to the socio-political issues, but I need to shift some of the balance to reading and writing the stuff I care most about (of course, sometimes it all overlaps). I’m working on creating the 50-hour day! You do a much better job of balancing in general and then cutting through the crap to get straight to the point.

Are you seriously a game player?!

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