Ré, TeriJo, H., Meg, and anyone else who’s been in on this pin thread—
Clay Rivers

See, Clay? I told you you are the voice of reason!

Seriously, sometimes you don’t even have a chance to read people, you just gotta trust in humanity and do the right thing. We are all so on edge right now that we forget most people mean well. People have been helping people long before pins, even in potentially scary situations.

After I last wrote to you a couple hours ago, I ran out to pick up pizza. There was a car in the middle of the major road near me, blocking both lanes in the dark — lucky I didn’t hit it. I could get around it, but I stopped and asked the driver what was up. Turned out to be an older black woman who said she was stalled and couldn’t get it started. I got out of my car at the same time as the guy in the first car going the other way. He was a black man who could see me, but not the lady in the stalled car as yet. He and I looked at each other and said simultaneously, “We need to push this car to safety!” So we pushed it into a subdivision under a street light, where the lady said she’d called AAA and would be fine. The man and I wished each other a pleasant evening and drove away.

No one was weird or scared or needed a pin. Race was completely irrelevant, just as it should have been. That’s the America I know and love.

Love one another.

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