There’s a thread going nuclear.
Sean Howard

Sigh, yes. I’m aware of the thread, I’ve probably read most of it, and after extended internal debate, I side with Ezinne, Tremaine, and others. I felt bad for the person being attacked, who I know meant well, but I have enough understanding to appreciate both sides.

What if really like to see is more love all the way around on this topic. The vast majority of people (of all colors) I see speaking here on race are kind, caring people who would just like to see fairness and equality. Some are more educated than others on the nuances of the topic, some could do more reading and listening, some are frustrated. I get that. But on the whole, we have a lot more to worry about than tomato/tomahto. While we’re quibbling, Trump and David Duke are garnering votes, and blacks are being killed or incarcerated at crazy rates.

So for what it’s worth, I’d suggest that non-blacks 1. Read/listen up if they haven’t been (and continue to), 2. Let blacks lead the discussion, since it’s their lives, and 3. If you truly want to help, ask where you’re needed and don’t make it about you. Then both sides, be respectful to those with good intentions! I’m not saying Agree, but let’s play nice — otherwise, what are we fighting for? As always, I’m open for input, and ❤️ to all.

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