No, as usual, being a leftist female, you’re looking at everything upside down.
Kathy Shaidle

Sorry, but I’m gonna have to give you an even bigger What Huh. What on earth are you responding to? You made a lot of huge assumptions and put a whole lot of words in my mouth that aren’t even remotely there:

  • Leftist? Not really. Middle of the road and would just like basic fairness for all.
  • I get politeness, but I also understand sexist. I’m happy to have a polite guy open my door (read some of my other posts). My husband opens my doors and he is not sexist. But when a guy expects you to change doors just to fulfill his ego? That is creepy at the least and very probably sexist. He is about control, not politeness.
  • The situation for women in many other countries is HANDS DOWN worse. I very much appreciate our (US and Canadian) advantage in comparison. However, there are also 27 countries that rank Higher than the US for their treatment of women; we can do better. Do you think that if one guy burned his bride while another just berated her all the time, the second guy would be okay just because it’s not as bad? There are many shades of gray, and we don’t just outlaw the very worst offenses.
  • I’m not looking for a handout. I have NOT taken time off to raise my kids, my husband has handled more of the doctor visits and such than I have (simply because it made more sense at the time), and I haven’t taken the suckier job — I’m smart, I work harder than almost anyone, and I’m pretty high on the totem pole. I expect sexism at work, I deal with it gracefully, but I’m not stupid enough to think that it’s right or fair. I’ve seen more than my share of competent, hard-working women who’ve been passed over for promotion by guys with less skill and experience.

I am curious, though: what has happened to you that would make you assume the worst about your own gender? Or do you truly think we’re less worthy and we are in denial?

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