Thank You, All You Gods of Medium

Well, I thought I could drop a note to all of you who responded to my Old Age story by adding something in that same space, but apparently you can’t respond to your own story — who knew?!

Let me just say that you made yesterday The Best Birthday EVER. While I wasn’t actually shooting for a bunch of well-wishes, I’m not about to complain — your responses were epic! Seriously. I am beyond honored. alto, walkerjojones, Tremaine L. Loadholt, Wild Flower, Jason Stelzner, Ezinne Ukoha, Anna Now, Jules, Colette, Clay Rivers, Gail Bonnema, Meg Barclay, Deborah Foster 🍁, Classical Sass, TeriJo, Jewels, marika bianca, Michelle Stone, Susan Christiana: You’re the best. I’m on my way to the beach now for the latest run, but I will respond to each of you as soon as I’m able, if I haven’t done so already. I love you all.

And this aging thing? Screw it. Y’all have me convinced that the best is yet to come.

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