I tried to say something funny involving Candyland (which is the only other game I could remember)…
Classical Sass

Thanks, CS! Yeah, I was “in on that mess” too. The first I was aware of her was in response to one of my poems; otherwise, I doubt I would have jumped in since there are so many people here on Medium more qualified to address her issues than I. And I didn’t give her any money because a) I’m unemployed :-) and b) my husband and I have always agreed to give our charitable dollars to organizations who are certified to use them wisely rather than strangers. So she mostly got my time, which is also in short supply, and an undue (in retrospect) amount of concern. My biggest issue, though, is that she was probably triggering good people right and left with her lies.

But — most of the people here are so good, aren’t they?! That’s one big positive out of situations like these. ❤

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