If I were so pale as to shade the sun
Or deepest ebony as obsidian
A shimmery layer of copper
Whether my hair is curly, kinky
Wavy straight red black or silver
The lines on my face full of stories
Etched and scarred with history
If I were thin as a skeleton
Or heavy as a veritable mountain
Struggling to handle basic math
Unable to make people laugh
Poor or broken or even homeless
I would still love with all my soul
I am beautiful
I am beautiful


I move slowly enough to savor 
Even the most faded of roses
Old enough to appreciate 
A wide variety of life’s flavors
I will shine like a super nova
If you find yourself trapped in night
My love is sure and never wavers
My heart is foremost in all that I do,
And you? I see you — 
You are beautiful
You are beautiful
You are 
Truly beautiful too

For Ezinne Ukoha

Happy 2018 to All.