Short and sweet, I’m unpinned. Physically, not mentally.

Such a fine and well-intentioned idea: wear a pin to support oppressed people when they may feel threatened. Well thought-out logistically? Not sure. Certainly lots of of raging debate — the good, the bad and the ugly. Lots of it from overly opinionated cis hetero whites who wanted to own the discussion, as we so frequently do. I see no need to go into it here yet again.

It seemed like a good idea to, hey, ask our oppressed friends what they actually want. But even with the best intentions, it seemed like we were doing a lot of triggering in the process.

So. I’ve never needed a pin to be human before. To care. To do what’s right. To love one another. Not saying I’m perfect, but let’s just try be the best people we can be.

Peace out.

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