The Subtle Act of the “Code Switch”
Joel Leon.

Well said. The truth is, there is probably an entire hierarchy of code just as there’s a hierarchy of supposed human value in our culture. I remember moving from Southern Wisconsin to the Chicago suburbs just an hour away, and getting teased endlessly for saying “bubbler” (for fountain) or pronouncing “milk” slightly differently (as if those of us from the dairy state wouldn’t know!). Now I am sometimes privy to board rooms full of rich white men, and even with my ear for language and being culturally “just that close,” I can’t fill the gap. There’s an ease, a confidence to their speech that most of us just can’t replicate.

I love to travel and hang out with a diverse group, to hear the richness of humanity and human speak. However, I could do without the self-centered smugness that oozes from the lips of the Trumps of the world.

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