When the racists believe you’re a racist
Sam McKenzie Jr.

What a scary thought! I promise you, I am not turning on you in this lifetime.

That said, the supremacists are probably right a good percentage of the time. :-( When I was reading about how the polling for the FL governor’s race had been wrong (duh), it said how conservatives would lie because they didn’t want their liberal friends to know they were conservative — and I just thought, that’s code for racist. What I don’t get is, if they’re too embarrassed to admit it to friends or pollsters, then they clearly know it’s wrong; so why not work on themselves instead of voting like a racist?

And if they’re lying about it, how do we know who or what we’re dealing with? Sometimes someone will show themselves to be a decent person, but then say something really loaded; I can usually work with them. It’s the ones that know it and hide it that are really tough. I’d really kind of rather that they showed up on CNN with a torch and a swastika, then sneaking around with faint innuendos that make me go Wait, what? Better the devil you know, as they say.

Anyway (to slightly change subjects), I’m excited about how close some of the races now are, even despite the cheating and gerrymandering. Keeping my fingers crossed!