A Love Story, in honor of Michael Adewunmi

Rich and Rose Primmer, US Fish & Wildlife Service

When your body is choking on its own blood
Buckling beneath the weight of each day
I am the redeemer that frees your tortured psyche
Gives you deliverance to leave the moment leave your pain leave materiality
Shed the relics of earthly burden, sins of existence

I will cocoon you in a whisper,
Light as night’s affirming air
Soft and soothing, enveloping
Wrapping you whole, spiriting your soul away
Past the darkness of eternity and lifting you up to embrace black holes of possibility

I can help you breathe life out of sounds and shadows
Startle hearts into first beats, dazzle the most brilliant stars and explode like super novas
Redefine your essence

Just stay with me hold me have faith

It’s not the leaf but the light that outlines it
Not the poem but the pulse of creation
Not the life but the words that give it meaning

I am the angel chasing your demons, the grass growing out of your hail storm,
The sword to slay your universe

Stay with me.

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