Emma Watson Is Damned If She Does
Carly Cassella

You and Emma are dead on: it is simply about equality. Feminism has been hurt for too long by a) vocal feminists who felt that they had to trash women with “traditional” interests to make their point, and b) feminist bashing from the Right which has done an excellent job of reframing words like “feminist” and “liberal” into negative terms and away from their roots. In saying “equal” though, we need to be clear that “equal” doesn’t equal “the same.” We want the same choices in life as men have, without being bashed because of our gender, but that doesn’t mean that most of us want to be men. It’s okay to be feminine or sexy (or traditional, for that matter), if we actively choose to be those things. Of course those choices entail a whole lot longer and deeper discussion, but they’re still valid options.

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