The Tuesday Quotable

Yowza. This is a tough one. Other than scumbag serial cheaters with no moral compass, cheating is complicated. Relationships are complicated. Although I’ve never cheated on my husband or even thought about it, I was not a good girlfriend to previous boyfriends. Sometimes it’s immaturity, sometimes overwhelming passion (or maybe that one’s an excuse?), sometimes loneliness…again, complicated. My sister has always drawn a hard line in the sand on the subject, I’ve always said it depends…

The kid thing, even more complicated. The professionals say that the truth is not always the best thing and not telling the kids is probably ideal, but parents — your mom — is human too. I guess one could say the same about your dad, but he essentially put his needs ahead of yours not once but twice. At the end of the day, though, they’re still your parents, so…tough. I’m glad you made your peace with him, now I suspect that you still need to make some more peace within yourself. Do we ever escape our parents?!

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