We All Get A Towel


We all get some clean, fluffy something, to balance out the mess
To hug us in the spa-less 
To minimize our shakes, post pool 
To throw on a toilet overflow
To rid ourselves of manmade rain
To scream into when we can’t make sound
To take our faces off
Those put on so our mouths could make spandex of the truth

We all get a towel
To wipe the counter down
While warding off the laundry list
To hide behind on a clothesline
To remember we have bodies
That need to be touched

We all get a towel
To keep us safe from full on marriage to sand
To park ants
To show the grass who’s boss, again
Or for when we’d rather he not see, just yet…

We all get some absorbent material to ignore
While it sops up the liquid intimacy of our lives

While focusing on the obvious animation
The laughter surrounding the loaf of bread
Not the bread itself
The person pushing the cart
Not the cart

So our towels are rolled neatly by gym showers
In service of that which moves and sweats
With no ulterior motive, there in the window
Or so we suspect

For what could these towels possibly do for me
Apart from what they already do in the day-to-day
Well what could I feel glad for
That never even made my radar

No, it’s not about the towels…
But see, it always is.

© 2016. Sherry Mills.