Guilty nails!!!

It all starts with a color. From selecting the apt color, for it to exactly match the dress you are gonna wear, to perfectly applying it so that it doesn't look messy and untidy; applying nail color has been a Herculean task for any girl on this planet.

If you are out shopping, then the flowchart goes like this:
1. Brand selection (Maybelline, Lakme, Elle, Loreal, etc.)
2. Matt or Gloss
3. Choice of color
4. Cost
5. If in budget : Bought! or repeat the above steps!

After your shopping ritual, the actual task begins. Starting with shaping them up.. Each nail exactly like the others.. From the curves to the points.. They are a bliss to watch. Then you start painting your nails in colors relishing your eyes. This for starters requires extreme concentration and focus. You simply cannot be distracted. Else, your nails will be nothing less than color bottles fallen on your chart paper.

Later, with utmost care and precaution you try to dry them up. If satisfied with one coat, you get lucky. If there is a need for another one, I am sure you are a girl with a lot of patience. This is the moment when even the most crazy girls will be found displaying supreme elegance and aura around them. Try it!

This is one work our species does with complete dedication and love. So guys, next time you see those perfectly carved fingers with beautiful colors, kiss those hands! They have been through hell!

P.S : And also remember, they are one of the reason your calls and texts were ignored for a while :P

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