Betsy DeVos meets with ‘men’s rights’ activists
Casey Quinlan

Your assertion that I “told the National Review that on the whole, she found it “dangerous to our country” to require universities to conduct annual surveys on sexual assault and publish the results online.” is a blatant lie. Anyone can follow the hyperlink ‘then’ to read what I actually said. I did not refer or suggest anything at all about annual surveys on sexual assault in that piece. I have never said the statement which you suggest I said. You cherry picked four words out of an entire article to include in quotation marks then added your own information in an attempt to make readers believe someting you wanted them to believe and also to mislead them into thinking you actually did your job appropriately.

Shame on you for misrepresenting FACE’s mission and insinuating FACE positions for which I have never ever advocated in order to further your agenda and benefit your personal career. FACE, as founded by myself and three others, takes a nonpartisan position of supporting strong advocacy for sexual assault victims but at the same time advocates for an adequate due process for those accused. Read the story, my words are clear.

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