Pain is Gone After Treatment Reaction- Dr Shervin Erfani

Most of us must have experienced a severe toothache, once in our lifetime. And whenever we do, we mostly spend our day groaning with pain and wait for it to go away by itself. There are very less people who would visit a dentist in case of a toothache. A number of people take it for granted and consider it to be a tiny problem. But even toothaches can be sign of bigger problems and can even lead to a dental emergency.

Whatever problems lie in your teeth, Dana Alkasmi and her dentist husband Dr. Shervin Erfani can easily find its cause and hence, can give the right solution. I have seen them providing treatment to other patients and believe me, every patient wore a great smile on their face after being treated by this highly experienced dentist.

The treatment I had received from her was completely magical. The medicines and other dental products provided by her are effective and help fight infections.