The Gods of War

Six hundred and twenty thousand. Not a bad price to pay for my mansion on the river. My friends and I have already used over a million to have our mansions. Our wives wear the finest clothes and host large gatherings. Fine art adorns our walls and the furniture is made by the finest craftsman. 620,000 — if we could we would have used more to be able to send our children to the finest schools, visit relatives in England, and enjoy the best inns and dining, marry into the finest families.

Being superior and privileged, we deserve it. Life is cheap and so were they, the 620,000 who died. Let politicians speak of liberty, let preachers talk of God’s blessing, let being slightly higher than negroes motivate our boys to fight for our privilege. It is our destiny to have the best at their expense. All others get what they deserve.

Servants all to us, white or black, they get what they deserve. Life is cheap and so were they. Let them wave their flags. Let them march to their deaths. Union or Confederate, slave or free, let them all pay for a mansion for me.