Meet the wind turbine that looks like a tree
World Economic Forum

Bat pucky.

  1. Wind energy depends on the amount of wind intercepted by the cross section of the blade path. The individual ‘leaves’ are hard to size, but the ‘tree’ looks like about 1/10 of the cross section of the tree is occupied by leaves.
  2. The individual leaves appear to be some version of the Savronius rotor. It has an overall efficiency of about 1/3 the theoretical max possible efficiency. So now we are down to 1/30 of the energy in a tree sized column of wind.
  3. The amount of energy depends on the cube of the windspeed, and at low elevations, wind speed in turn depends on height. Windspeed averages slower at low elevations. Averages slower near buildings and trees.
  4. Recommended siting for wind turbines: They need to be in the open, far away from other things their height. Putting them on city sidewalks is far from prime siting. Even on clear sites, turbines are sited twice their height apart to prevent interference from each other.

This is not a solution. It’s a toy.

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