Dealing with a Whitehouse that lies

The press is faced with dealing with an administration who has little problem being caught lying. Here are some ways to deal with this:

  • Send your interns. If they aren’t going to answer truthfully, then no point in wasting your top reporters digging in.
  • Don’t cover things live. Tape the press conference. Now televise it split screen with the press conference on one half of the screen, and your news anchor on the other. Every time the news speaker comes out with an ‘alternative fact’ you stop that side of the screen, and then give the true story with references on the right. This makes the release take 3 times as long to broadcast, but, so what. The goal is to broadcast this 1 hour after the original press conference.
  • If you license out your coverage, require that any segment be aired with the commentary.
  • It’s possible that some facts can’t be checked in that hour. In this case the news agency reporter would say something like {Agency} is skeptical about this last statement, but was unable to confirm or deny. We should have an update in {x} hours.
  • Make an agreement between coverers that if an important question is blown off, that the next reporter asks the exact same question.
  • Turn each press release and annotated commentary as a micro-documentary, turn it into a TED talk format online with text transcript of the whole thing, along with web links for the confounding material.