The Ivy Lee Method: The Daily Routine Experts Recommend for Peak Productivity
James Clear

I wish.

My day works like this at the tree farm.

  • It’s cold in early morning. The first hour my crew and I work on something that requires large muscle groups. We don’t always finish this task.
  • Once the sun has forced the jackets to come off we transplant for the rest of the morning. This is an ongoing task for the next month.
  • Afternoon when it’s warm in the sun, and fingers are dexterous is weeding. If it’s cool we may triage dead/sick trees, or compact for winter.
  • I have one crew guy who comes in at 1:00. He’s strong enough that he and I can work on a project requiring muscle. He’s a high school student, and two hours of that is all either of us can take.
  • By then the grass is dry enough that I can set him to mowing, and I can work out what to do tomorrow.


I use Omnifocus on both desktop and phone. Right now I’ve got 240 actions over the next 6 months. But 80% of those should be done in the next month. I’m not going to make it, but I’m well ahead of last year.

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